Welcome to UW-W Student WEA’s Blog!


Student WEA is the Student Wisconsin Education Association.  We are affiliated with our parent organization WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council), and the NEA (National Education Association).  We are a student organization for anyone interested in the field of education.  You don’t have to be an education major to join.  We are here for anyone who wants to teach—whether that’s in a school or some other setting, working with children, teens, or adults!  We do our best to cater to a variety of fields and levels of teaching.  Our main goals are to provide opportunities for networking, community involvement, and professional development so as to help prepare our members for their future careers in teaching. 

We have an incredible year planned out for you that includes:

  • Great speakers on new topics

  • Socials – some new, and some old favorites

  • Scholastic Book Fairs and other great fundraisers!

  • Leadership opportunities – join a committee!

  • State events and other professional development opportunities

  • Traveling anyone?  Stay tuned for Summer 2013!

Get involved as much or as little as you like.  We are all so excited for the coming year and hope that you will find these opportunities and events to be both enjoyable and beneficial as future educators! 🙂


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