Outreach to Teach 2013!



Lauren Kinser a SWEA member attended the program and shared her experiences.

“I chose to participate in Outreach this year because I thought it would be something new and fun to do. When Shannon and I arrived at Washington Middle School, we signed in, got our shirts, and were ready to begin the long day ahead. We all sat in the cafeteria, started mingling, and ate lunch. After that, we headed into the auditorium where we sat down and listened to Mary-Claire speak about Outreach to Teach and some of the work that went into planning. This was the first time in three years that Outreach was able to happen due to budget cuts so it was very exciting knowing that we were a part of this milestone! Lori, a WI educator, took the floor and explained the process of what was happening this weekend and then handed the microphone to the WEAC VP; He went over some safety rules and after that, it was time to split into our groups! Groups 1-7 traveled over to Danz Elementary while 8 and above stayed at Washington to work on projects there. Our group contained people from all sorts of UW universities and it was great getting to know them, talk about their SWEA chapter, as well as discuss personal future plans we have such as jobs, continued education, and so on. Our projects were mostly art related while other groups had a variety of things to do whether it be building, painting, cleaning, etc. I can honestly say it was a lot of fun participating in Outreach to Teach. Although I was expecting the schools to be more run down and in need of more help, it was still a very rewarding experience and for sure worth coming. I hope Outreach To Teach is able to transpire in years to come because I know it is something I want to continue to do. I cannot wait to hear feedback from the staff and students and Danz and Washington. I know the principles of both schools were extremely grateful and I look forward to hearing about all the other reactions to our hard work. “


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