September Newsletter



One thought on “September Newsletter

  1. Hi! My name is Kristen Monday and I’m a professor in C&I as well as a parent of 2 children in the Whitewater public schools. If you haven’t heard the Whitewater School District is having a referendum vote this Nov. I am a member of the referendum board. What this means is they are asking the tax payers for more money in order to maintain the budget so 1.2 million in cuts do not have to occur. The lack of support from the State of Wisconsin is closing in on our schools so most districts in WI have had or will be having a referendum. It is crucial that this passes. There will be a loss of programs which means a loss of teachers.

    UWW students are eligible to vote for this referendum since you are residents of Whitewater. I would like to get the word out to students to vote YES to the referendum. It will not cost tax payers any money. They just will not have their taxes reduced. It is simply asking for their taxes to stay the same. Unfortunately, people do not value the schools and vote no. 😦

    Would you like me to come to a meeting and discuss this further with your group? In the meantime if you want to go to facebook and “like” the Whitewater YES for education page it will give you updated information. I can also get you signs that you can put up in your dorm room windows, or apartment windows.

    I can be contacted at

    Happy Teaching!!!


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